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MSC offers three "intersession" programs as a part of our year-round calendar. The Fall and Spring Intersessions are about 3 weeks in duration, and the Summer Intersession lasts 4 weeks.  These are opportunities for families to extend their child's learning in a comfortable and familiar setting. There is a fee for participation in intersession. Contact the main office for the current fee schedule. 

Goals of Intersession

  1. The programs offer parents who need care for their children a developmentally appropriate program. Intersession is offered during 3 of our 4 extended breaks. 

  2. They allow children an opportunity for more time to master skills presented to them during the previous quarter.

  3. By redistributing the weeks of summer equally throughout the year the likelihood of children forgetting material learned during the previous year is much less.​ 

Each intersession includes a faculty-designed topic of focus that will be announced before the start of the intersession.

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