Establishing Good Reading Habits

Oftentimes parents ask how they can help their child at home. Here are some thoughts.

Reading to your child is a gift that never stops giving. Reading to your child opens up their imaginations and activate their brains. This opportunity allows them to envision in their imagination' the setting and characters.

Reading aloud for 20 minutes develops language development. Daily reading will help the brain make connections to written and spoken words which increases vocabulary.

Reading also promotes brain development. It stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain that absorb vocabulary and increases memory. Reading stimulate the brain, maintain concentration and allows the mind to process the events that are happening.

Reading books can also be a stress reliever. When you make reading a daily habit, a good book of book of interest will allow your brain to put you in the character shoes briefly removing you from current moment.

How do we encourage reading habits?

  1. Create a reading area. Creating a reading area does not have to stationary space in your home. Your child can find a cozy corner in any room with a floor pillow or throw pillow, sleeping bag or comfy spot on the sofa.

  2. Encourage your child to read different kinds of materials- when traveling to and from school or on vacations ask your child read different signs. Encourage them to flip through magazines and comic books.

  3. Be an example. Allow your child to see you read different genres: newspapers, magazines, books on tape.

  4. Connections. Help your child make a connection between reading and real life, by doing this will increase their interest in reading.

  5. Books of interest. Select books that will interest your child. Your child will be more willing to read if the subject is interesting.

  6. Level. Once you find the area of interest and you want your child to read independently, find books at his reading level.

  7. 20 minutes. Read daily for 20

minutes. Find a good time for you to sit down and read. Oftentimes bedtime is a good time to read aloud, since reading can be calming.

“I just don't have the time to read to my child.” Look at your day before it starts. Find the 20 minutes and fence it off. Maybe something else has to go, but ask yourself how that other use of the 20 minutes will contribute to your child’s future.

We have many tools available to us. Many families have kindles, tablets and iPads. These tools allows us to read or listen to books. Download your local library app and start staring checking books out. Give the gift of continues to give back.

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