Hurricanes and Such

As Dorian scoots up the coast I thought this would be a good time to review how the school addresses threats like these.

First, we normally don’t close school when Kershaw County School District finds it necessary to do so. On the one hand, we don’t have buses that reach out to the perimeter of the county. Second, because students at MSC work at their own pace, the loss of a day by one student does not disconnect him from the place of his peers. Unless MSC announces closure in the media, each parent can make a reasonable assessment of the situation and determine whether to bring a child to school or not.

We normally make a closure decision by 6 a.m. when we can. When bad conditions may present a hazard, parents should stay tuned to the local radio station (FM 102.7), and check WIS-TV, the school answering machine, the school web site ( or the school Facebook page.

Additionally, MSC may opt to close due to the dangers of tornadoes spawned when there is an approaching hurricane. “Approaching Hurricane Relate

d Tornado Emergencies” occur when approaching weather conditions, associated with a hurricane, result in a number of South Carolina counties (whether or not including Kershaw) having publicly declared Tornado Watches. Parents may be encouraged, even expected, to collect children in the event of a declared Tornado Watch or Warning during the school day, should they be able and willing to do so. Classes meanwhile should continue as normal.

What can you do? All parents need to be connected through Transparent Classroom because that’s our primary method of communication with all parents simultaneously. If you have received a message directing you to this blog, you are, and you’ve done what you need to do! If you didn’t receive the message, please call the office and we’ll work through whatever technology glitch is in the way.

So where are we now? I am watching the National Hurricane Center website hourly. Dorian has slowed to a Category 3 storm—oops, nope!—just changed to a Category 2, which is still pretty destructive. For the moment—and Dorian is already remarkable for being contrary—it is projected in our area to have strong winds on Wednesday, accompanied by rain. But it’s certainly not trustworthy so we are on our guard.

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