Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Preschooler

At Montessori Schools everywhere the classrooms are filled with child size materials; Maria Montessori designed it this way so the children can do for themselves. Choosing the right shoes for your child is important to support the development of independence, so your child can also do for him or herself. Now-a-days we have so many varieties of shoes and we don’t always make the right choices for the child. Our choices are sometimes based on the style and the cuteness of the shoes and we forget the most important factors when purchasing their shoes. Listed below are some tips to consider when purchasing shoes for your child.

  • Purchase good quality shoes that are sturdy, flexible and comfortable on your child’s feet. You should be able to fold the shoes in half or twist it at the toe.

  • The shoes should be fully attached and shouldn’t go over your child’s ankles.

  • The shoes should be easy for your child to put on themselves without any assistance from an adult.

  • Avoid shoes modeled after adult shoes because they are not designed with the child or how they play in their shoes in mind.

  • A child’s shoes should not be backless or a slip- on. The only focus for the child is that the shoe is comfortable and it should stay on his or her feet when walking.

  • Purchase the correct size shoe so that learning how to walk and walking safely can be much easier for the child.

  • The shoes should not be tight fitting, it should be about an inch and a half from the edge of your child’s toes to the edge of the shoes.

Overall, keep in mind that inexpensive is not always the best way to go, but good quality and reasonably priced along with the seven tips mentioned above can make all the difference for your child.

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