Perhaps people simply forget to utter these two words as a token of appreciation. Maybe, I it is assumed that others know how appreciated they are. Regardless of the reasons; hearing the words “thank you” can make a significant difference.

The point of my introduction is relevant. Parents and teachers share a common goal: to meet the needs of the children in our care, and the desire to see them succeed. Parents work at home to meet their child’s needs, and teachers work at school to meet needs both social emotionally as well as academically. Parents support the teachers, and teachers communicate with and support the parents. Add to that the level of faith the parents must be willing to put into the teacher’s ability to provide the quality of education most parents want. After all is said and done, hearing the words “thank you for all you do” truly means more than you can imagine. The magic goes both ways. Parents need to hear those words just as much as the educators do. We all know, parenting and teaching are, by no means, easy. It takes a great deal of time, patience, love, understanding, faith, hope, and forgiveness. The list goes on.

Please remember to take a moment and genuinely thank each other.

It takes a village.

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