The Drop Off Ritual

Almost everything in the Montessori environment has multiple purposes. For instance, even something as mundane as morning drop off has hidden intent. We want the children to exit the car at the drop-off point, turning their backs on their parents, instead of parents turning their backs on the children at the door to the classroom. Second, walking to the classroom by himself builds confidence and independence in the child—one of the advantages inherent in a Montessori education! Third, going through the drop-off point smooths traffic flow on and off campus better than cars parked on the side of the road or on the grass. Finally, parking on the grass hurts the feelings of our little green blades and digs ruts when the ground is soft.

Pickup doesn't have the same degree of ritual to it, but the flow of traffic works better and our grass is happier if parents go through the pickup line at the end of the day.

The Building and Grounds Coordinator and I thank you for your consideration.

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