Where is the Peace?

During this time of the year, we are enjoying time off work spending time with family and friends, all while attempting to maintain so sort of normalcy with the children. Really, we can not fool ourselves by saying our holiday routine is somewhat close to our normal daily routine. Therefore, I was inspired to write, “Where is the Peace?” I am not writing it on the fact that my life is in chaos right now, but for the fact, I must remind myself to pull back from the crowd and table to gather my inner peace, to quit my mind and body. For children, this could be difficult for them to do on their own. When they have neglected to have quiet time and eating habits have changed, they could become cranky, moody, over stimulated and demonstrate behavioral problems. In this blog I will give three examples on how to help children maintain or regain their inner peace.

  1. Encourage your child to take a nap or just lie down for a couple of hours. By them lying down for a couple of hours will slow down their body from making more cortisol and adrenaline which increases the body’s energy. Children need guidance to do this because in their mind they are not tired, have a lot of energy and is mentally far from being still.

  2. Turn off electronics. Even though this could be the hardest thing to do during the holidays or when school is out, it is of the upmost importance to monitor the amount of time young children spend on electronic devices, which included television. The stimulation driven from spending too much time on electronics may interfere with falling asleep and staying asleep. Sleepless night or getting little sleep hinds the peace, they need.

  3. Monitor the change in diet. During this time of the year we get to treat ourselves with desserts and foods that we would normally not eat during the year. The increase in sweets and change in food choices can cause mood and behavioral changes in children.

Now, I am sure you can think of many other strategies you can use to help your child maintain their inner peace. However, I just wanted to share these three to help us all stay focus. By the way, these three reminders are also observed in the Montessori environment. I am a witness that if these three are practiced, it will help children as well as adults keep their peace.

Karen Tolliver

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