The Original Silence Game

During my Montessori training, I read several books that helped me understand the life and work of Dr. Montessori. Reading about her experience of implementing the Silence Game in the children’s environment has always been an experience I want to share with the children in my class. On that day, Dr. Montessori held a small sleeping infant in her arm. The children in the classroom were drawn to the presence, stillness and silence of the sleeping infant. I can imagine, Dr. Montessori encouraged the children to become as still and as quiet as the baby without using any words.

Last week I had the opportunity to experience what Dr. Montessori experience on the day she discovered the power of making silence. I did not know how the students in my class would react because certainly Dr. Montessori’s discovery of the Silence Game happened over 100 years ago. When I entered the classroom with the baby, I sat quietly and still on the floor. The baby was asleep and cuddling me very tight. It only took a couple of seconds before several children were sitting around me, still and silent. I was overwhelmed with joy to see the expression on the children’s face and the silence they made without encouragement from me.

This experience was like none other Montessori experience I had ever had.

Dr. Montessori continued the Silence Game practice among the children. Making silence gives us a moment to bring our minds and bodies to a complete standstill. The game can be practiced as a group, but sometimes it happens spontaneously as the children are focused on their work. Whenever or however it happens I feel peace in my heart and hear a hum in the classroom. I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience making silence with the infant that came to visit our classroom. I will never forget my experience of making silence with a baby in my arms just I have not forgotten the reading of Dr. Montessori’s experience.

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