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The philosophy of Dr. Montessori has taught us through practical life activities how to care for ourselves, care for the environment and care for others. These practices are visible when the children are washing their hands, watering the plants, and serving food to others in their class. This is known as purposeful work in a Montessori environment. Dr. Montessori said, “It is not just the practical life in a house, cleaning rooms, watering plants, etc., that is important, but the fact that everyone in the world must move with purpose and must work, not only for himself but for others.”

During our week of celebrating Montessori Education, the students, staff and parents of MSC joined together and brought hygiene products for members of our community that are in need. There are members of our community who visit the United Way, Food for the Soul, facility to receive clothing, food, cleaning and care products. These members have fa

llen on hard times and are in need of help. To make this project memorable we called it “Care for Our Neighbors” and had discussions about how we can help those who are in need. At the end of the week, the Upper Elementary students delivered the packages to Food for the Soul.

This experience gave our children an opportunity to practice giving to others that they do not know. It expanded their knowledge of the community they live in. We heard of how some graduates of Montessori schools contributed to the world in extraordinary ways. Their view of the world expanded far beyond their immediate family and friends. Well, the MSC environment is no different. It is normal for children to extend their care to those closest to them when they are young, but as they grow and understand that there are other in their environment, they begin to share what they have with others. I believe this experience has helped our children see beyond their classroom community. I believe they will remember this experience as they continue to grow and meet other people on their life’s journey.

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