Where are the high chairs?

Many new parents and expecting parents, when they enter the Infant Room often wonder where our babies eat. They say “I don't see any high chairs. Where do you feed the babies?” And Dr. Moncure and I are happy to share why we don't have high chairs. Our method allows children to become independent and self-confident at a younger age, which provide a foundation for academic and life success.

In place of a high chair, we use a weaning table during the transition from a liquid diet to solid foods. Typically, this starts around 6 months, but as with all we do, it is done when the child is ready. We offer the babies a safe table, low to the ground so they can enter when they are ready to eat, and exit when they are done. They are able to watch their friends eat and watch them drink from a cup. We don’t use bouncy seats cribs or playpens to restrain children; our babies are free to move as they wish. We do not force them to sit or stay at the table.

While this practice is time consuming at first, it develops into a routine as the infant gets older. They sit and wait their turn to eat. They sit in the chair to tell us they are hungry. They use ASL to tell us that they want more food. They drink out of a glass up. They hand us their plate when they are finished. They wipe their table when they are done and clean their own faces. It is truly an amazing process to witness.

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