Setting Goals for the Whole Child

With great joy we teachers have the opportunity to observe and discover in each student, not only their academic strengths and weaknesses but also, just as important, their characteristics as individuals. Sending your child to school is not just about getting them to where they should to be academically; it is also an emotional and social journey which makes a great impact on how they receive and process information in order to perform to the best of their abilities.

I can say with great confidence that every Classroom Director at the Montessori School of Camden gets to know each child’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, how they learn, what they already know and how well they know it. Coming into the classroom within the first few weeks of school we help them set academic, social, and emotional goals that will help them become well rounded students. These goals are informed with the input from parents—while we have considerable experience with children at whichever age group we work and can generalize expectations across an age group, parents know their children in a more personal context.

We also encourage our older students to participate in this goal setting process. Parents receive goal setting forms to guide their thinking before the first conference. I thank you for entrusting us with your children and look forward to another wonderful school year.

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