A Message to All: Time to relax

It is the start of the school year again and getting back into the hustle and bustle, as well as the routine of it all, can become an arduous task. The little things can sometimes get lost in that shuffle and one big thing as well: you.

Taking care of yourself during this time of stress can be a difficult task to say the least. But if you take a small amount of time to refocus yourself, mind and body, you have a better chance at successfully dealing with this busy time of the year.

No matter the place or time of day there is always an opportunity to relax. You just have to make the time. It can be a long period or a very small period just as long as the effort is made. Books, apps, even Google can provide several ways and ‘how to’ guide to achieve this, but here are three that you can do quickly and are easy to remember.

Breathing is the essence of life. Something you already have the skill to do. Wherever you have chosen to take your relaxing break, exhaling is the 1st step. Empty out your lungs and letting go. Exhaling creates space around you and in your lungs helping you to relax. A simple control of your breathing to slow down the body and your mind.

Next is to focus. Do just one thing. By “do” it means all your senses are just “doing” one thing. By turning off the radio, TV, Internet, et cetera, you are freeing yourself from distractions and allowing your mind to center on one task or idea. Exhale and focus, repeat.

And finally, smile. Sounds corny and too simple, yet it works. Smiling creates positive responses. Smiling also can help change you on the inside to better deal with a situation, person or event.

These steps can be done in as short as ten seconds or longer depending upon how much you want to relax. It doesn’t matter the length of time that it occurs in; all that matters is that you do it for yourself.

Relax, don’t allow the return to school be a burden rather a blessing.

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