We Are Now Partners

Right before goal setting conferences in October, I send this letter out to all my parents:

“Partnerships are special. Although no one is more important to your child than you—his or her parents—starting school means that someone else is sharing the job of providing care and early education to your toddler.

Everyone knows that involvement in the school will improve the quality of your child’s experience. Part of being involved is exchanging information with your child’s teacher at the beginning and end of each day and during parent/teacher conferences."

I ask parents to complete a form to guide their input during the conference. I use the same form, and we discuss the goals we have planned for your child and how we will accomplish them.

Let the partnership flourish!

Every year I have wonderful stories about the partnerships I have with the parents and students who walk into my classroom. Anything in a household can change a toddler’s attitude, demeanor. It can be anything like a new baby, a new baby crawling or moving around, parent leaving home, or waking up in the middle of the night. When influences like these happen we sometimes see more hitting, withdrawal, and even biting.

Once particular incident happened a few weeks ago and I had a talk with the parent and we figured out what was going on at home to start this change. We came up with a solution to use at home and at school. Same routine each time and, believe it or not, within a week we both noticed a great difference in the behavior. While sitting in Dr. Moncure’s office, years ago, I received a text from the parent that said, “Thank you, thank you! He is taking things back to Chrissy (former Infant Director) while saying thank you and giving back her toys. Thank you!”

I love forming a lasting partnership with the parents because together we can ensure the child gets the best educational experience. Every parent needs to remember that a partnership with your teacher will help your child reach their maximum potential.

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