Foods That Can Affect Your Child's Mood

Parents are generally careful to encourage a healthy diet. We tend to be sensitive to sugar, known to cause hyperactivity in children.

However, some ingredients may have a negative effect on a child's mood and parents may be less aware of them. For instance, dairy can cause intestinal discomfort. How many of us are aware of the problems artificial coloring and preservatives cause? Artificial coloring is reported to be linked to ADHD, anxiety, hyperactivity, and headaches. Yellow no. 5, Red no. 40, and Blue no 1 may be responsible for mood swings.

Food preservatives such as nitrates, nitrites, sodium benzoate, and MSG are said to be responsible for mood and behavior changes.

While studies may vary, we should consider these culprits as a possible cause for changes in behavior which we cannot otherwise explain.

If your child is experiencing emotional, physical, or behavioral challenges and you’re at a loss, I suggest keeping a journal of foods and ingredients, as well as observing and tracking any changes in behavior. If nothing else, you may be able to eliminate or identify one potential cause.

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