The Business of Children

According to, a majority of Americans want to start their own business. “The poll finds that this aspiration is neither political nor religious, nor related to education or current income. It’s primarily a youthful dream.”

As Guides using the Montessori Method, we are in the business of children. If we were in a microeconomics class commodity. Just as small businesses across the country depend on quality products to promote themselves, Montessori encourages the best for the individual child. Producing a more mature, creative and socially adept child, one that has succeeded because of their own effort (having a growth mindset) is the quality that a Montessori education leaves on a child.

No idea is real until we turn that inspiration into action. A child having a Montessori education is a great idea, but if the action of the Guides, parents, and community aren’t there to support the child with their best efforts the child’s potential dwindles. Therefore we must continuously strive to build the child’s eagerness to learn. This does not come from some mathematical equation or, as Dr. Montessori said, “something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.”

Assisting in the child’s development by allowing them to experience their own education environment guides them to achieve intellectual, social and spiritual levels that will become that product from which we want our world to benefit. Though starting one’s own business might be a “youthful dream,” as the Gallup poll suggested, if one takes the idea of a child and places them into action the results will be a budding business success.

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