Cosmic Education

When using the Montessori Method at the Elementary level, we follow the idea of Cosmic Education—the study of our Cosmos and the relationships of everything within it. Culturally speaking, we work our way from the whole to the detail. This includes history, science, social studies, math, geometry, you name it! Students are exposed to their environment and allowed the freedom to explore the interdependencies that allow life to exist as we know it. Instead of learning every fact about a specific animal or plant, we choose to focus more broadly. For examples, we start with an ecosystem and break down how all of the life forms make it a complex set of relationships among the living resources. If we are studying the history of our human race, we will start at the beginning and work to the present rather than focus on just the era in which we live. By looking at the big picture and being allowed the freedom to explore and research, students gain a much better grasp on their place in this cosmos as well as how our world works.

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