Special Blog: How Would a Charter Change the School?

Dear Parents,

Several people have expressed concern to me about the charter; specifically, I was delighted to learn, was how a charter would affect the quality of the program we have built over the last 37 years. This very question has served me as the road sign to where we have come so far. Short answer: Neither the Board nor I would not put any of the fundamental attributes of the school at risk in order to accept a charter.

What would change?

  • The school would no longer charge tuition for 3rd year Primary and older students; rather, funding would switch to a combination of federal, state, and local tax revenues based on enrollment.

  • Enrollment would be decided by lottery, with almost all spaces being for children age 3. Only occasionally, when a vacancy developed, would a student be accepted at an older age.

  • The school would grow, over a seven year period, from its current enrollment and physical plant to a student body of 288 in seven buildings at the current location.

  • The school would switch from the current Kaufman and Stanford tests to the standardized tests mandated by the state of South Carolina.

  • Teachers would be evaluated by a state instrument instead of the MSC feedback system.

  • The Board of Directors would be chosen in accordance with South Carolina law, the requirements of which differ very little. Terms would be for 2 years, and the current ex officio members would no longer be included.

What would remain the same?

  • The Montessori Method.

  • The faculty selection process.

  • The final authority of the Board of Directors.

  • Current Policies and Procedures (except to accommodate changes listed above).

These lists are not exhaustive, but they highlight the major aspects we know. Still undetermined is the question of grandfathering. If any parent has additional questions, please contact me and I’ll get an answer for you.

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