For Parents

MSC encourages parents to become involved in their child’s education. There are many opportunities to join in the MSC community.


Each year the school hosts several parents’ nights. These events are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your child’s classroom and meet faculty and other parents.


You can share your skills and talents with our students by helping with field trips and classroom activities, reading to the children, or becoming a classroom or office volunteer. To ensure the safety of our children parents are required to pass a security screening. To volunteer, please click the link to the right, pay the $13.95 processing fee,  complete and submit the form.

Make Instructional Fees, Extended Day, Rainbow Care, and Intersession Payments through PayPal.

You can make payments for fees here through PayPal:

Effective February 15, MSC will charge a convenience fee for all debit / credit card payments of $2.50 per $50 charged. For example, MSC charges a fee of $2.50 for a payment of $45, and a $5.00 fee for a payment of $95. Please add the fee to your payment.

Contact for Medical Homebound:

Become more involved! Sign up here to be able to work with the children as a Volunteer Parent!

Headmaster: Dr. John Moncure

​Telephone: ​803-432-6828

Fax: 803-432-6422

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