What does it mean for MSC to be a public charter school?

  • MSC has been granted a charter by the Charter Institute at Erskine.  It retains the same Montessori curriculum as it used as a private school.

What is a Montessori School?

  • The Montessori Method teaches children in an atmosphere of inquiry and discovery where personal interests and talents are encouraged.  Students learn and apply language, science, mathematics, and cultural studies using hands-on lessons and concrete models. See the "About" page of this web site for greater details.

Did MSC retain staff from the private school?

  • Yes.  All teachers and administrative staff remained at MSC.  We have hired additional teachers as needed, including native speakers of Spanish.

When did this take place?

  • The Charter Institute Board of Directors approved the charter on February 9th, 2018, and the Charter Committee has converted to the Board of Directors of the new charter school, Reverend Eric Faz, Chair. The first lottery took place at the Camden Branch of the Kershaw County Library on April 10th of 2018.

Will the highest grade available at MSC be 8th grade?

  • No. MSC added a Middle School (7th grade) in 2019 and will add 8th grade in 2020 and 9th grade in 2021. A High School may be added, depending on interest, expanding one grade level each year. This would require an amendment of the charter.

Does MSC charge tuition?

  • Tuition is not charged for grades K-5 through 8th.  An instructional fee of $155 per week is charged for infants through children age 4 attending until 3 PM and $100 for those attending until 11:30 AM. Parents of children who are not state funded may download an Instructional Fee Reduction application from the Lottery page once their child has been offered a space at the school.

Does MSC have other fees?

  • MSC charges a $30 student administrative fee. Optional fees include a weekly fee for attendance at Intersession, Extended Day fee (for attendance from 7:30-8:00 AM or after school from 3:00 to 6:00 PM). The amounts for these fees are available on the Enrollment Forms page.

Do I have to live in Kershaw County for my child to attend MSC?

  • No.  While we anticipate the majority of students at MSC do live in Kershaw and surrounding counties, students may live anywhere in South Carolina.

If my child is enrolled next year will I need to reapply each year?

  • No. Once a child is enrolled he or she will have priority enrollment for future years.

How can my child apply for the lottery?

  • The application is available at the Lottery page. You may send it in or bring it by the school at any time.

When and where does the lottery take place?

  • The lottery takes place in the early spring each year. The date will be announced in local newspapers and radio, and will appear on the school calendar on the home page and in the monthly calendar on the Calendar page.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

Headmaster: Dr. John Moncure

​Telephone: ​803-432-6828

Fax: 803-432-6422
Email: admin-assist@montessori-camden.com

2 Montessori Way, Camden, South Carolina 29020