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Enrollment  Process

MSC is a public charter school authorized by the Charter Institute at Erskine and the South Carolina Department of Education. Additionally, MSC is recognized as an ABC Quality Level B Childcare Facility by the South Carolina Department of Social Services. As such, both authorizing bodies require specific enrollment processes to occur. Below you will find the process for each grade level. 


3K- Grade 8 Enrollment 22-23 SY

MSC is working to improve work processes in our main office. Enrollment will be completed through the PowerSchool Portal for families of accepted students in 3K-Grade 8. 


If you do not have access to a computer, you may come to the office and complete the forms using one of our computers. MSC office staff can also assist you in this process if you get stuck along the way.  

Infant and Toddler Programs

For our Infant / Toddler students we will maintain our paper based enrollment protocols. Below you will find links to the documents we are required to collect FOR EACH STUDENT. 

Montessori of Camden staff serving food
REQUIRED FORMS Infants & Toddlers
Other Available Forms

For students who have had previous school experience of any kind prior to enrolling at MSC. 

DSS Form 2900 - General Record & Statement of Child's Health for Admission

MSC Meet My Child Form

Parent Consent for Access to SC DHEC Statewide Immunization Online Network

SCDE Enrollment Survey - Part I & Part II

All student must fill out both Part I & Part II of the SCDE Enrollment survey upon first time enrollment in an South Carolina public school. 

Proof of Residency Requirements

All students enrolling at MSC are required to provide proof of residency within the state of South Carolina. Please refer to the list linked below for the approved documentation to be submitted. 

Proof of Residency Requirements

All  Students Must Provide
  • Birth Certificate or Passport

  • Copy of Parent's Driver's License / ID

  • Copy of ID for any individual who will pick up the child

MSC Acknowledgment Form

MSC General Authorization Form

Alternate Household Income Form 22-23SY

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