Secondary (Ages 10-15)

Secondary class time is from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The goals of this program include the development of self-motivation in learning, responsibility to one’s self and community, self-discipline, healthy self-confidence, concern for others, academic advancement, physical fitness, and growth in moral and ethical understanding. The curriculum is a multi-dimensional system of education that accounts for the essential nature of the adolescent student, the integrated nature of knowledge, and the student’s evolution over the duration of the program.Like infants they are egocentric, and their need for physical movement and social interaction is great, making the stereotypical classroom with rows of desks inappropriate.

Secondary offers the following:
  • To account for the special nature of the adolescent, students engage in a series of projects spanning the school year. Each project will repeat a cycle of preparation, execution, and reflection.
  • The curriculum highlights segments of study that focus on a particular period in history bringing to bear all disciplines in proportion to their importance for a particular segment.
  • Running uninterrupted through the year will be physical education, foreign language, and music
  • Everything from the typical focus of history—economic, political, military, art, or science—to a much broader net including sports, literature, fashion design, or comic books (just to name a few) can link mathematics to art or music, architecture to astronomy, or biology to philosophy.
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