Revised 4-19-2022

MSC Annual Calendar 2022-2023

MSC Board approved 12/21/21

SC READY & SC PASS Information

MSC Students will participate in the SC Ready (Grades 3-8) & SC Pass (Grades 4&6) Assessments during the last 20 Days of the 2021-2022 School Year. We will be conducting a paper based administration of the assessment so therefore we must have it completed within the FIRST 10 DAYS of the last 20 days of the school year. A formal testing schedule with specific times and subjects will be provided by Classroom Directors the week prior to testing. Dates for testing will be identified on the MSC Master Calendar below. All Grade 3-8 students will also be participating in the statewide ELA Field Test on Thursday, April 21. This test does not impact a child's scores on SC Ready. Please read the MSC parent handbook for information about the good cause exemption process for 3rd Year Lower Elementary Students. 

During testing, it is essential that your child is PRESENT AND ON TIME for school each day. Please schedule any appointments and any other non-school related functions outside of school hours. For students with IEPs or 504 Plans with testing accommodations, these testing accommodations will be followed. If you are unsure of your child's accommodations, please contact the office and speak to Mrs. Cyrier or Ms. Felicia. 

Children and staff are not permitted to have electronic devices present during the testing. All devices will be stored in an alternate location while testing for security purposes. 

During testing, our 3rd Year Lower El students will move to an alternate location with Ms. Michelle or Ms. Coleman. Ms. Magali & Ms. Denae will remain in the classroom with our 1st and 2nd year LE students. 

Parent Resources with more information about SC Ready and SC Pass are available on the SCDE website. There you can find sample items, and sample score reports. The exact location is