“The mouth is the cause of calamity.” I recently read this old Chinese proverb in a book that I had been browsing through. The Japanese believe that through the use of indirect language, they will save-face and help others do the same, thus creating social harmony. As I was driving to work it kept resonating in my head in regards to teaching children and how leaders of children, whether parent or teacher, practice this philosophy in their daily lives.

In the Montesso...

It is the start of the school year again and getting back into the hustle and bustle, as well as the routine of it all, can become an arduous task. The little things can sometimes get lost in that shuffle and one big thing as well:  you.

Taking care of yourself during this time of stress can be a difficult task to say the least. But if you take a small amount of time to refocus yourself, mind and body, you have a better chance at successfully dealing with this busy t...

If I were to ask if you have ever heard of Will Wright, Larry Page or Sergey Brin, more than likely there would be a resounding “no!” Perhaps I could throw out some easier names like The Sims, Sim City, Amazon, and Google, could you say you know of them? Okay to be fair the last line was somewhat rhetorical. Will Wright is the video game pioneer that created “The Sims” and “Sim City,” Larry Page and Sergey Brin together founded Google; all three men also were Montes...

“Your kids watch you for a living. It’s their job; it’s what they do. That’s why it’s so important to try your best to be a good role model.” James Lehman’s quote made me realize that sometimes we forget how observant children really are in daily life. I was recently reminded of this and it gave me pause. It was a small interaction, but still had an impact on my thought process.

Sitting in seats and not on tables is a simple rule for children, yet I, the “adult,” bro...

Today in society the digital world reigns supreme. This includes leisure activities for the younger generations. Playstation, Xbox, IPads, Mobile devices are just a fraction of the ways the digital world is inserted into the real world. The RPG (Role Playing Game) is a huge proponent for this growing market. Children of all ages seem to be attracted to this form of gaming. If one were to remove the incredible graphics and sounds, the foundation of these games is sim...

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