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Please note you will need the username and password we provided you.  Additionally the username and password will only enable you to view your child's classroom.  Please read the FAQ's if you have problems accessing the camera.





Infant Web Cam

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Toddler A Web Cam

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Toddler B Web Cam

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Primary A Web Cam

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Primary C Web Cam

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Lower Elementary Web Cam

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Upper Elementary Web Cam

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Q)  Why is my username and password not working?

A)  Make sure you are typing it in correctly as it is case sensitive.  Additionally make sure you are using the latest username and password as we change it regularly. 

Q)  Why can't I view the video after I have logged on and clicked the view video button?

A)  The first time you login, you must install the JavaScript component (Active X Control) to view.  Depending on your web browser, this may be blocked and you will see a warning below the address bar in your browser.  Click on the warning and then click install.

Q)  What is Active X Control?

A)  Active X, a software programming language designed by Microsoft, is required to view the classroom.  It allows software developers to write a program either to enable you to view video on the Internet or download files.  As with anything on the Internet, the good intentions can be used by criminal types to compromise your computer. The active X component that a user of MSC's camera system is required to download is completely safe.  It resides on the school's web server so it is being downloaded from the school, not a 3rd party.  It was written and released by Linksys which is a division of Cisco.  Potential users are correct in being concerned.  This one is 100% safe and, as it resides on our server, it will remain so.  Please use caution downloading and installing active X components from other websites.  As a general rule, known websites are OK.

B) I am using Internet Explorer 8, why won't it allow me to download Active X Control?

IE 8 for some reason is unable to identify the publisher as being Linksys and blocks it from installing. This problem only affects Internet Explorer 8. Previous versions of IE and other browsers are not affected. 

Click tools on the top, then Internet options. In the new window that opens, click the security tab on top. Then click the custom level button towards the bottom. In the new window, scroll down until you see ActiveX controls and plug-ins. Scroll down in this category until you find, Download unsigned ActiveX controls (Not Secure) Change from disabled to enabled. Click Ok on bottom then apply and OK on next windows. Then click your classroom link, you will see a warning below the address bar, click it to install the active X component. Once installed, the page will prompt you for the username and password to view your child's classroom. Once you are viewing the classroom, click below the address bar on the warning "Your current security settings put your computer at risk. Click here to change your security settings. Then click fix settings for me, on pop up box, click fix settings. Done.