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The enrollment package consists of four forms plus the contract.  Please return the completed forms with your contract and deposit to the office.  Also required is a current copy of your child's immunization record on DEHC Form 1148.  Below is a list of the enrollment forms that can be printed for your convenience.  The last form is for distribution of medication, which must accompany any medication brought to school. 

DSS Form 2900

General Authorization Form (MSC Form 3-1)

Enrollment Record (MSC Form 3-5)

Acknowledgements Form (MSC Form 3-6)

Family Directory Information Form (MSC Form 3-48)


Please use the form below if you child needs medication administered at school.  All medicine must be in the original container and accompanied by MSC Form 3-13.

Administration of Specific Medication (MSC Form 3-13)




ACH Checking Acct Debit            Credit/Debit Card Charge


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